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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 9, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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making news in america this morning -- deep freeze. the storm causing pileups on icy roads and leaving thousands of flyers stranded for another night. in the nation's airports. plus, falling ice creates a dangerous situation for people in texas. it's a system still on the move. mourning madiba. a week-long tribute in south africa for nelson mandela gets under way. the farewell will include president obama and former u.s. presidents. newlywed murder. a trial set to begin today for a young bride accused of pushing her new husband off the cliff. as new details in this case emerge. >> edge of the world. no harness, no safety net. a daredevil takes his handstand to new heights.
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and good monday morning. we begin with snow-covered runways and roadways following a wintry storm that seemed to catch people offguard. >> and it's not over yet. a look at the radar there. after a day of snow and ice, the slow-moving system still stretching from the deep south all the way up to maine. >> and this is what it did overnight in the northern suburbs of new york city, icy roads contributed to this nasty multi-car pileup in yonkers. it sent 40 people to the hospital. no one was killed. more than 1,000 flights have been canceled today across the country. a number that's sure to grow. here's a live look at philadelphia's international airport where more than eight inches of snow fell yesterday. >> the hardest storm hit at kickoff for the philadelphia eagles game. blinding snow and wind making for a memorable matchup with the lions. with more on that, here's devin dwyer. >> reporter: the nasty mix of snow and ice creating pileup after pileup. near milwaukee, a 30-car crash injured dozens, shutting down
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interstate i-94. >> it was bad. you could barely see on the road. >> reporter: whiteout conditions also snagging drivers in pennsylvania. where this 50-car wreck outside of philly killed one man. in new york city, a pileup of 20 cars. slippery streets from wisconsin to virginia and all the way into new england will make this morning's commute a mess. >> we want to make sure we get a lot of salt, continue it down. so the morning rush hour will be smooth for people going to work and for school. >> reporter: the icy storm has been wreaking havoc for days. football fans in philadelphia on sunday coated in sleet and snow. the storm dumped so much ice on this apartment building in plano, texas, it was falling off in sheets. in tennessee, ice-coated tree limbs snapping off, some taking down power lines. >> look at them. they're pretty. it's amazing that ice can weigh this much.
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>> reporter: the ice also weighing on planes. airlines grounding more than 2700 flights on sunday. more than 1,000 already canceled today. >> i'm this close to starting to begin to be frustrated here. >> reporter: frustrations will ease with warming temperatures in the south. but the deep freeze is now moving east. devin dwyer, abc news, washington. >> many drivers will have to suffer through another morning commute on icy roads. >> accuweather meteorologist justin povick shows us what is on tap for today. good morning, justin. >> unfortunately, along the east coast, it's another sloppy start to our monday, dealing with more freezing rain and a little bit of sleet. but there is some light at the end of the tunnel, as warmer temperatures arrive later on today. for the next couple of hours, still that potential for a little bit of icing. central virginia. northern virginia. d.c., philadelphia, new york city, you're already in the clear. well up over the freezing mark. we'll look at just the plain rain for a handful of states.
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this is, by far, better to deal with rather than the sleet, the snow, and the freezing rain. here's the setup. warm flow of air from the south. still some showers along 95. but cooler temperatures not too far to the west. back to you, john and diana. >> all right, justin, thank you. stay with abc news for the latest on the wintry weather. we'll have live team coverage coming up on "good morning america." people are beginning to flock to south africa for tributes planned for nelson mandela. here's a live look at johannesburg where well-wishers are leaving flowers and notes near mandela's home. where he died last week. a national day of prayer and reflection was observed yesterday in his honor. president obama, the first lady, and former president george w. bush and his wife, laura, will leave this morning for planned services later this week. with more, here's alex marquardt. >> reporter: the week of official mourning will continue on tuesday. a memorial service that includes
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heads of state from around the world. it will be held at the fnb stadium in johannesburg where he made his final public appearance at the world cup in 2010. president obama, the first lady will aten, as will former presidents bill clinton and jimmy carter. mandela will lie in state for three days in the capital. before he's finally laid to rest after a state funeral in his home village of qunu. alexsnú( marquardt, abc news, johannesburg. >> defense secretary chuck hagel is in pakistan this morning. the first pentagon chief to visit since early 2010. he meets with a powerful new general and will then hold talks with the prime minister. things have been some what better lately. lawmakers are demanding answers after the pentagon ordered russian-made helicopters for afghan security forces. a study shows the russian helicopters were superior. documents obtained by the associated press show just the opposite. the report said the boeing
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chinoo can helicopter, american made, was the most effective over the long haul. in california, friends and friends of paul walker remembered the late star. many of them brought flowers. a lot of fans drove their high-performance cars. he died last weekend in the fiery crash of a high-performance porsche. the incident is still being investigated. the murder trial begins today for a montana widow accused of pushing her husband to his death eight days after their wedding. prosecutors say 22-year-old jordan graham was having second thoughts about marrying cody johnson when she shoved him off a cliff in july. graham claims this was an accident during an argument. she says she was trying to remove her husband's hands from her arm when he fell. lawmakers in congress face a budget deadline today. they must have a spending plan in place by friday or they face another partial government shutdown early next year. it appears a deal may be in the workses after hours of negotiations. it would return some of the
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spending slashed earlier but would do little to end the nation's debit. five of the nation's greatest entertainers make up the new class of kennedy center honorees. they are billy joel, carlos santana, herbie hancock. shirley maclaine. and martina arroyo. the president lauded them saying they have all remained true to themselves. billy joel called becoming an honoree a little overwhelming. the show airs on december 29th. change could be coming to your facebook feed. you might soon be able to do more than just like someone's status. and growing outrage. an officer pulls over an honors student during what seemed like a routine traffic stop. what happened next has an entire community and the student's family demanding answers. fan frenzy. a wild scene in the stands at a soccer game, forcing the military to step in.
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welcome back. stock futures are higher this morning after those major gains on friday after those better-than-expected jobs numbers. the dow is up 22% for the year. investors doubt that the momentum can be sustained once the government starts cutting back on economic stimulus next year. it's costing you more to fill up your tank. gas prices up three cents over the last two weeks. the average price for a gallon of regular, $3.29. that's still a dime lower than this time last year. the cocoa industry facing a shortage for the second year in a row. the demand is threatening to outstrip the supply. the shortage being blamed on poor harvests and doubts that
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the current crop will make up for the gap already created. facebook is considering a sympathize button. if your status is tagged with a negative emotion, then the synthesize option will automatically remove the word like. >> sometimes people post sad things and you want to show support but it seems weird to like what they just said. >> my dog died. hey, i like that. it was ice beating out fire at the box office. the animated tale, "frozen," from our parent company disney came in first place at the theaters this past weekend in its second week of release. "the hunger games: catching fire" dropped to second. after two weeks on top. "out of the furnace" with christian bale was third. when we come back, deep sleep. a man wakes up after his flight on a locked plane with the lights out. how did this happen? and a wild sunday around the nfl including a star who transformed into a snowball. we'll have all the highlights.
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cars are having a tough time staying on the icy roads around little rock, arkansas. as cars continue to slide into one another, people on foot were struggling to gain traction. more freezing rain will keep things treacherous for another day. >> that means a slick morning commute from north texas to the carolinas. highways in the northeast. wet and icy in the morning hours. rain showers could freeze in parts of the rockies. that's thanks to the lingering arctic air. >> if you're flying, airport delays possible in philly, new york, boston, atlanta, houston, and dallas. flend friends and family gathered over the weekend to mourn a texas college honor student killed by a campus police officer. >> robert cameron reedus shot to death after being pulled over for speeding. the 23-year-old would have graduated in may. fellow students recall he was helpful, optimistic. affectionate.
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they can't get over his death. >> it's hard to think he is gone. he was here three days ago. we just saw him. closure is one of those things that will take time. >> few details about the shooting have been made public. the campus police officer is on administrative leave. while the incident is being investigated. new information this morning about the crash of asiana flight 214 at the san francisco airport in julily. "the wall street journal" reports that pilot error was to blame. the investigation found that pilots were confused and relied too heavily on automation and cockpit computers. the crash killed two people on the plane and one on the ground. a waitress in new jersey who gained notoriety when she claimed she was denied a tip because of her sexual orientation. has now been fired. she claimed that a family left a homophobic note on the receipt instead of a tip. amid the controversy that followed, the family came out and showed they did leave her a tip. former friends call her a compulsive liar. she no longer works at the restaurant where she gave that
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story. and here's a wild incident that soccer officials in brazil don't want you to see, especially as next year's world cup is approaching. opposing fans fighting in the stands. throwing punches and kicks. the violence interrupted a match for over an hour. police broke it up by using rubber bullets and tear gas. a helicopter landed on the field to ferry one seriously injured man to the hospital. ow. >> makes hockey look like golf. >> oh, that's so hard to watch. here we go. the voting for the heisman trophy award, the best college player, the voting ends today. florida state quarterback jameis winston will be at the top of many people's ballot. >> he led the seminoles to a resounding victory saturday night in the acc title game. that win followed him being cleared in a sexual assault case. which he was asked about on the field. >> what did you learn during the months of the investigation? >> i learned i have to get more mature. i have to get better in everything i do.
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i cannot let myself -- i cannot -- our teammates cannot let themselves be on this level. we gotta be up here. we gotta keep going higher and higher and higher and get better every single day. >> he abruptly ended the interview when team media handlers pulled him away. he'll lead fsu against auburn for college football's national title on january 6th. parts of the iconic houston astrodome have been reduced to rubble. >> one, fire in the hole. [ explosion ] >> three giant ramp towers were demolished last night in a matter of seconds. they had been added in the late '80s. the implosion was part of an asbestos removal project. the fate of the rest of the astrodome remains in limbo after a plan to save it was rejected. tonight's monday night football matchup pits the cowboys against the bears. it's happening in chicago. >> as for yesterday's snow-filled day in the nfl, we
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get details now from espn. good morning, america. welcome to "sportscenter." i'm steve levy. do you like snow with your football? perfect. we have got highlights for you. let's start in baltimore. whole lot of white stuff. the vikings taking on the ravens. fans out braving the elements. got plows on the field. ten seconds left. ravens down, 26-22. joe flacco, back of the end zone, a marlon brown. just barely keeps his feet in. ravens win, 29-26. john harbaugh relieved. they had elements going in philadelphia as well. chip kelly and the eagles facing jim schwartz, the lions, and the snow. it was coming down in the fourth quarter. eagles down 20-14. lesean mccoy, think he was impacted by the elements? i don't think so. 29 carries. 217 yards. two touchdowns. look at the eagles. at 8-5. 34-20 win.
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and kobe bryant made his season debut for the lakers last night. coming back from the achilles. they lost at home to the raptors. his stat line, nine points, eight rebounds, four assists, eight turnovers. he said afterwards, it felt good the get out there. he said he would give himself an "f" if he was grading himself. the next live "sportscenter," 9:00 a.m. eastern on espn. have a great week, everybody. one more highlight from the lions-eagles game. in the philadelphia snow. it's our "play of the day." featuring one of the nfl's top receivers. >> calvin johnson hauled in a 33-yard pass from matthew stafford. he came up with a helmet full of snow. the man they call megatron doing his best snowman impression. whoo! >> oh, my goodness. one commentator said simply, it looks like fun. easy to say from the comfort of the broadcast booth or the anchor desk. that doesn't look like fun. >> you watch the coverage. of all of the football games. you see these guys announcing. you would think they were the ones playing. they were like covered up from
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head to toe. they're so cold. talking about how cold it is. they're not the ones running around the field. >> that snow in the face no less. up next, "the pulse." where prince george is riding in style. we'll tell you about the royal stroller his highness is using. and michelle does it again. why everyone is talking about the first lady after last night's kennedy center honors. lady after last night's kennedy center honors. lslslshire farm spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen seasoned every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly.
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daisy is made from only 100% natural, 100% pure ingredients with nothing else added. meals are simply better with a dollop of daisy. ♪ do a dollop of daisy all right. topping your monday "pulse" the first lady does it again. mrs. obama dresseded last night at the condition dissenter honors. getting a lot of buzz this morning. >> look at her teal gown. waiting to hear and find out who the designer was. the dress got a whole lot of
4:23 am
reviews overnight on social media. now to the stroller fit for a future king. it's all the rage. >> kate middleton recently spotted walking prince george in the stylish navy blue pram. it's been eyed by the moms who have everything. it costs 2300 bucks. >> it's a royal must have. it's the brand used to carry prince william, prince charles, even queen elizabeth. a gravity-defying stunt on the edge of a fiord in norway. he lifts himself into a handstand. >> he makes it into a one-handed handstand. he's about 1800 feet above water. that is below. no safety harness and no net. >> he says his only safety line
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is years of physical and mental preparation. i wouldn't even stand there. real-life nightmare for a man trying to travel from louisiana to california. tom wagner woke up in houston on an express jet in his seat in the back of the plane. he was freezing, he was alone. in dark cabin. everyone had deplaned. he was still there. he had his cell phone with him. >> i called my girlfriend. she thought it was crazy. i said, debbie, i'm locked on a plane. >> express jet has apologized. they're investigating trying to figure out what went wrong. i'll tell you what went wrong. they left a guy on the plane and shut it and left. >> you go to the minibar and wait until they come get you. >> he said they tried to keep him quiet by giving him a $250 motel room. >> it would take more than that to keep me quiet. >> you're going to have to come out a little bit more. for some of you, your local news is next. for everyone else, right back with a surprise revelation
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good monday morning, just like friday, very chilly. >> and like thursday morning. you get the idea. we will find out the latest on the cold snap. mike? >> the longest stretch of sub-freezing overnight temperatures we have had in a long time. good morning, everyone, this will slap you in the face when you step out. 31 in oakland. hayward was 32. san jose was 29. san francisco was warm at 38. we are breezy in the hills turning into the san ramon valley, 33. 34 at concord. mid-20's in the north bay valley. the forecast for the afternoon hours has a slight warming
4:29 am
trend. >> there is black ice identity there. leyla gulen? >> that is right. a big east conference hit hit the barrels that block east lanes on the highway. that is a big mess. we have a sweeper out there cleaning up two lanes we have northbound 880, the fifth street off-ramp is shut down and all lanes are now re-open. it was a big mess to start off. this is what it is doing to the commute. as we take you to 880 in the nobody direction the slowing is hype it so the sig-alert will be if place for the next two hours. we will have the latest updates in a bit. >> with all that, c.h.p. is sending out an important message to drivers: there could be black ice on the road because of the frigid conditions. we are on highway 24 in orinda,
4:30 am
but this is a dangerous spots they are warning about. >> there is an advisory. we hit a patch of black ice. it throws you off balance but we were driving slow enough my photographer had both hands on the wheel and was able to recover quickly. it is out there. the c.h.p. advisory this morning is take it slow. slow down. terrorism -- drive carefully so if you hit a patch you can recover. >> let your foot off the accelerator and let your car slow down, the wheels will regain traction and you will have control of the car. >> the advisory this morning is for eastbound highway 24 headed to the caldecott tunnel in orinda around two of the


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